Exciting New Zealand Cuisine

Exciting New Zealand Cuisine

New Zealand is a small island country with a mainly agricultural economy, and it delivers fresh produce from sea and land. It is a country where diversity is a key part of the culture. New Zealand cuisine is predominantly based on local ingredients and regional variations.

You will find fish and seaweed in most dishes. The country has a diverse range of fresh produce, including sorrel and citrus fruits, black-eyed peas, potatoes, carrots, spinach and many types of wild berries. These foodstuffs combine to create mouth-watering flavours that have made this island country famous among foodies.

Unique Food Blend

Unique Food Blend

New Zealand has developed its unique food blend, which is a mix of meats, vegetables and fish/ Today, there are many international varieties of foods that are included in this rich cuisine. Many traditional dishes have been adapted into the New Zealand style and include curry and kebabs (traditional Middle Eastern meat dish).

It also has pork and beef roasts, lamb and chicken dishes and vegetables like artichokes, asparagus, cabbage, kale and carrots. There is also a growing variety of non-traditional foods, including venison, rabbit, and reindeer.

Vegetable Dishes

Apart from meat and fish, New Zealand cuisine also includes vegetable dishes such as rice and potatoes, which form a large part of the main meal. One of the most popular meals of all is the well-balanced bowl of mixed greens, vegetables and a small amount of meat or fish in the middle of a wide rice bowl.

This type of meal can be eaten in place of a traditional meal, lunch or dinner, and is ideal for those watching their diet, as it offers a large variety of nutrients and keeps your stomach feeling full for a long time. A well balanced and healthy New Zealand cuisine meal does not contain many fast-food items and is more likely to include fresh produce, lean proteins, and whole grains.


Another very popular and easy to make dish is the hangi. New Zealanders love their hangi, which can be made from the flesh of wild animals such as pigs, hare and reindeer. The traditional method of preparing a hangi is by barbecuing the meat on a hot grill. Some New Zealanders also enjoy eating their hangi with some spicy sauces on top.

Fish Pie

Fish pie is another favourite dish of New Zealanders. It is usually prepared using wild mushrooms, garlic, onions and salt, although variations of this traditional Kiwiana dishes exist throughout the country. This dish has lots of tomatoes and includes onions, garlic and salt.

The finishing touches to a traditional Kiwiana dish are usually butter or margarine and a bit of fresh dill. A very popular and tasty version of fish pie is the “tuna salad”, which is prepared using chunks of tuna with herbs, vinegar and lemon juice.

Beef and Venison Stew

The most famous dish of New Zealand is the beef and venison stew, though hundreds of different recipes for this dish are available throughout New Zealand. Many new ingredients are being added to traditional dishes to make them more interesting and appealing to the general public.

Wine Selections

Wine Selections

There is a great wine culture that has begun to grow in New Zealand because of the increase in vineyards. New Zealand is known around the world for its excellent wine selections. Its wine selections are known to be one of the best in the world.

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