The Rocks Homestay

Hitting you up with a comfortable experience that stays together for a long time.


A classic dining experience that brings in a range of features and options to serve you with all you need. 

Swimming Pool

Swim your way to freedom as you come to make the most of your vacation far away from business calls and meetings. 

Our Facilities

Take a look at the different kinds of facilities for you because service is what matters the most.


Free Wifi

Enjoy fast and secure internet with free Wifi options that are equipped to provide you with the things you need the most.

Non Smoking Rooms

Our rooms are free of smoke as we keep things healthy and secure for everyone to make the most of the experience. 

Wheelchair Enabled

Our services are open for all as our facilities cater to your demand and ensure that the experience is worth it. 

Meet Our Team

A bunch of professionals who are always looking to make things work and come to the point of complete satisfaction. 

James M Brown

Jacqueline M Correia

Allen E Schwan

What We Offer


A luxurious and cost-effective accommodation service that is going to take you by surprise.

Rooms & Suites

Rooms and suites are all around the corner to help you feel safe and immerse yourself in the comfort that we offer.


With simple and effective techniques to place your bookings, things are going to be easy, and you can certainly explore the same to the fullest.

We Are Here to Provide Help

Providing help and support tends to complete our service and help you get what you need.


Customer reviews will always paint a proper picture, and thus you need to explore the same to the fullest.


“I have always wanted to know more services that provide the right kind of services, and with The Rocks Homestay, I have found a winner.”

Nevada Benton

Save time, save money!

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